Hail and Well Met!

Hello and welcome to Bay Area Role Playing Games

I offer a variety of role playing game related services including camps for all ages, private sessions and birthday parties. Besides being a fun way to pass time, role playing games are a way to strengthen collaborative skills, build relationships, and explore one’s creativity. I strive to create a friendly, safe and inclusive environment for all players.

Teddy Hulsker is an Oakland-based Bay Area native and Game Master for hire, as well as resident Dungeon Master for Tessellations School. As a DM Teddy creates a fun environment for play that rewards players for creativity and ingenuity. He loves games that feature a blend of humor, excitement, danger and collaborative problem solving.

Prior D&D experience is not necessary to participate. All you need to bring is a polyhedral dice set, a pencil and a thirst for adventure. Please feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any questions about what camps are available. To get more information on joining a camp, dm coaching, private party, or starting your own group please contact me at teddyhulsker@gmailcom or by phone at 415-272-4324