Roleplaying Camps

My name is Teddy Hulsker. In addition to being a game master, I am also a
freelance theater artist specializing in sound and projection design. I love story telling, collaboration, rich imaginary worlds, the bizarre, the strange, and the beautiful. I see Game Mastering as a continuation of my artistic career and bring many of the skills I’ve honed as a professional theater artist to my role playing
adventures. While I tend to favor creativity and imagination over a strict
interpretation of the rules, I also love having a well defined framework as
restrictions are an impetus for creativity. I see role playing games as a
collaborative art experience in which a group of story tellers work together to weave a tale of high adventure.

I offer a variety of camps for all ages and experience levels in a safe, friendly and inclusive environment. I primarily offer after school camps But occasionally host camps on weekends, as well as summer and holiday camps depending on the season.

I also offer DM coaching sessions.

Currently all of my camps are being hosted remotely over Zoom.

Please reach out directly to see what camps I’m currently offering

“Henry loves D&D camp. I enjoy that Henry is excited about and looks forward to D&D camp every day. I enjoy listening to my kid get into character and hearing his love for this game in his voice. He takes this game seriously. Henry said, it was very fun and he really likes the whimsy in the game. The camp is just good. He really likes the group of kids and you (Teddy) are really good at leading the group.”

Andrea, Parent

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